Affiliate Links On Facebook: How To NOT Get Banned & Grow Your Online Business




Affiliate marketing on Facebook can be insanely profitable. Because you can target the exact people you want to show your ads to.


Think about it: Facebooks basically knows more about you than your own mother does. They track your every click, every scroll and so on.


The problem many new entrepreneurs face is getting their accounts banned for not posting their links properly. That’s completely understandable, as Facebook’s guidelines are vague at best.


We decided to write this guide in order to help marketers with this problem, so if you’re looking for how to properly use your affiliate links on Facebook, you’re in the right place!


By the end of this article, you will know exactly what to do in order to do affiliate marketing on Facebook without the concern of getting banned.

Affiliate Marketing On Facebook: What Rules Should You Follow?


You can do affiliate marketing on Facebook. However, there are a couple of guidelines that you should follow at all times.


Huge corporations like Facebook care the most about user experience. Meaning that they want their users to stay as much time as possible on their platforms.


Facebook will not allow you to send people to questionable offers that might scam them. What will happen after that, if that customers will not trust Facebook ads anymore, therefore will be less likely to click on them.


Meaning that Facebook will make less money, and we all know that they don’t want that. So … how do you avoid this?


My advice is to not promise unrealistic results, because people will have unrealistic expectations. So, they will be unhappy with whatever they buy from you.(1)


In stead, be as honest as possible about what they are getting for their money. Making bold promises helps a lot with the sales process, but it has a ton of downsides.


For example, don’t promote a “make money online” product with the title “Make $20k per month in just under 3 weeks!”. That doesn’t fly with Facebook’s ad guidelines.


Also, another important aspect to keep in mind is to always comply with the FTC guidelines. You don’t want to get into legal trouble when posting your affiliate links on Facebook.


However, don’t spend so much time thinking or worrying about that. The most important thing is to make sure people understand that there is an affiliate link included in your ad.(2)


Remember that Facebook’s ad guidelines are different than Google’s or any other platform. If you choose to promote your offers on Instagram for example, make sure you become familiar with their rules as well.


Another important aspect is to make sure that the affiliate program you are selling allows promotion via Facebook. Otherwise, you will just spend a lot of money on ads without seeing any money in return.


A great example would be Amazon. They don’t allow affiliates to promote offers on Facebook or any other social media. Therefore, if you were planning to promote products from Amazon, you will not be able to do so on Facebook.


If you did want to promote Amazon, my advice is to find something else. Because the commission rates are frankly not worth your time and money.


Remember that you first need to focus on making money. If you don’t make any money, you can’t get into any trouble.


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Why You Should Promote Indirectly


OK. We all want to promote our affiliate links directly on Facebook, as it’s a very simple thing to do.


Many of us make this mistake in the beginning, as we all know humans take the path of least resistance. The problem with that is … you don’t get the results that you want.(3)


It doesn’t matter if you are promoting your affiliate offers on a Facebook page or running Facebook ads. Think about it: people will not just see an ad or read a post and buy a product for $2000.


Therefore, it is highly recommended that you send people to another page first, so that they can learn more about the affiliate product you are trying to sell them.


In my experience, you will get much more sales this way, meaning that you will be able to scale your business faster.


How To Promote Affiliate Links On Facebook?


There are a couple of ways to promote affiliate links on Facebook. Some are better than others, but I will lay out all of them and give my opinion.


After that, you can decide for yourself which method to use. However, you will soon realize that all of them have a couple of things in common.


No matter how you do it, you will need to first establish some kind of trust. We all know how difficult it is to get people to take out their credit card and buy something online.(4)


If you want to run Facebook ads (which I highly recommend as it’s my favorite way to make money online), you will need a budget. I suggest you have at least $500, so you don’t run out of money and give up.


With Facebook ads, it’s important to know that your first ad will probably not be a home run. BUT once you get good at it, you will be surprised to see how fast you can scale your business.


In the case you want to promote your offers without spending money, keep in mind that you will need to invest a lot of time to build trust. You will need to build an audience and consistently add value.


Some people prefer to invest their time in stead of their money, but just know that you will probably need to invest more time than you expected.\



Facebook Groups


Facebook groups have their downsides and upsides. They take a long time to build, but once you get over that beginning stage, it can be quite profitable.


That’s because you can target a very exact audience. For example, if you want to promote products in the fitness niche, you can create a group with people passionate about fitness.


Therefore, they will be more likely to buy fitness products from you. If you don’t want to build your own group, you can join groups that belong to someone else.(5)


There are thousands of groups about fitness where you can find people who are willing to spend money. Obviously, you will not be able to join all these groups and spam your link everywhere. They would just ban you if you annoy people.


However, try making relationships with these people. Remember: they are your potential buyers.


As I mentioned before, you have a better chance to make sales if you send people to create content around the products you want to promote. For example, you could write an article about a fitness workout, and at the end of the article you can include your affiliate link.


For that matter, it’s a good idea to have a website where you can write articles about your niche. You can then take people from Facebook to your website and read your content.


Also, you can collect emails on your website. This can be very powerful, as you can then email your leads for as many times as you want. Or at least as much time as they stay on your list.


You’ve probably heard this before, but I will tell you again: “the money is in the list”. This simply means that if you are not collecting emails, you basically leave money on the table.


There are even free email marketing softwares that you can use. You don’t really need anything other than your time.


Maybe at this point you are thinking that you don’t want to build a website, and just try promoting your offers on Facebook without spending any money.


My job is to tell you the truth, and here it is: if you don’t want to spend money on Facebook ads, you will need to have a website. It’s as easy as that.


The other option is to build you own group, but as you found out before, this take s lot of time and effort. You will need to consistently produce content and provide value to people.


If you are willing to do this, then it can be very profitable in the long run. Remember that it takes much more effort than you expect.


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Facebook Page


Creating a Facebook page is a good idea in case you have your own website. You will be able to promote your content and get traffic.


In case you don’t have a website, then it doesn’t really make sense to create a Facebook page. Why? Well, simply because you will not be able to get engagement.


People are much more active in Facebook groups than on Facebook pages, so you just need to accept this. However, there are some exceptions to the rule.


For example, if you are in the travel niche, then I highly suggest you also create a Facebook page. People in the travel niche usually like going on Facebook pages and looking at beautiful photos.(6)


The same goes if you are in the dog niche. Who doesn’t like seeing pictures with dogs?


In case you don’t know whether or not a Facebook page would work in your niche, then you can search for pages with big followings similar to the one you are planning to create.


If you don’t find any, then it makes no sense to create one. You will be better off just taking the Facebook group route.


Facebook Ads


Facebook ads are, in my opinion, the best way to make money online. You will not need to produce content or build an audience.


If you have aa budget, I highly suggest you go this route. Facebook is great at targeting people, therefore you can target the exact demographic of people that are the most likely to purchase your products.


Once you start getting a hang of it, you will just need to reinvest your profits into your business. Also, you will need to work less and less once your Facebook pixel gets better at targeting people.(7)


For example, I check my ads once per day for like 30 min – 1h. Keep in mind that I’m doing this for many years. It’s important to set your expectations right.


You will need to work hard in the beginning in order to understand how everything works. With the right training, there is no reason why you couldn’t build a successful business.


Should You Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook?


Affiliate marketing on Facebook can be extremely profitable if you do it properly. In case you are planning to spam your link everywhere you can and annoy people, don’t expect to make a lot of money.(8)


Personally, I made this mistake in the beginning of my online journey. You should avoid spamming links, as it’s just not the right way to build a business.


Remember: it’s a business you are building and you should treat it as such. If you are planning to build a Facebook group, know that you will spend weeks or even months creating valuable content before getting your first sale.


However, it can be a good asset for the future. Some people make good money with their Facebook groups.


On the other hand, if you are planning to run ads (which I suggest you do), you should invest in a quality training like Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero. It will teach you from A to Z how to become an expert at affiliate marketing with Facebook ads.