How To Find (THE BEST) Affiliate Partners: Grow Your Business by Affiliating With Other Entrepreneurs




In case you’re an affiliate program manager, it’s very important to find good affiliate partners. Even though in the beginning you might not think this is necessary, keep in mind that once your business expands, you will need to take appropriate measures.


It’s very important to have good partners because it’s a win-win situation. All of you will make more money, therefore everyone will be happy.


You will be able to improve your conversions, as well as grow your brand and build trust with your audience.(1)


If you’re here to find out what affiliate partners are, how to find them and why it is beneficial for you to do so, then you’re in the right place!


By the end of this article, you will know exactly what to do and why you should do it.

What Affiliate Partners Are And Why You Need Them


An affiliate partnership is an agreement between two affiliate programs to promote each other’s products.


Why would you do that? Why would you promote other people’s products in stead of focusing on yours?


Well, there are many benefits for doing this. Here are a couple of examples:


  • Credibility (when customers see that you are partnering with other brands, your authority and credibility will increase. It will give the impression that you are a serious business and your prospects will be more open to your offers)
  • Growth (when you partner with someone else, you have the opportunity to see how they run their business. Therefore, you will be able to apply some of their techniques in your own business in order to grow)
  • Branding (you will be able to gain more exposure when you partner up with someone. At no additional cost, you will be able to get your brand in front of a whole new audience, therefore your brand recognition will go up)


As you can see, there are multiple benefits for you to partner up with another affiliate program. The most important one is that you will be able to grow your business without additional cost and with the minimum amount of effort.(2)


That does sound appealing, right?


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How To Create Successful Affiliate Partnerships?


Now that you know the benefits of having an affiliate partner, it’s time to look at how you can make it work for you.


There are a couple of things you need to do in order to get high quality partnerships.(3)


#1: Reach Out To Similar Affiliate Programs


The most obvious one is to reach out to affiliate programs in your niche. It’s important to know that their target audience needs to have similar interest to yours, so that you can increase each other’s profits.


Also, you need to find affiliate programs that can complement each other, so that you don’t feel you are stealing each other’s business. You will be able to get more traffic to your offers, as well as establish authority in your brand.(4)


There are a couple of tips that you can implement in order to do so:


  • Present the benefits of a partnership (you will need to present them the benefits of a partnership with you. Tell them that they will be able to increase their brand authority, make more sales and build trust. Who would say no to that?)
  • Find popular programs (there is no reason to partner with small affiliate programs. Try searching for programs who already have a strong brand so that you get the most out of it)
  • Have social media presence (we all know how powerful it is to get social media exposure. Even if you have to pay for shout outs or similar methods, it will be worth it in the long run)


You will be surprised on how fast your business is expanding once you find a compatible affiliate program to partner with. If you are in a profitable niche, there is literally no reason why you shouldn’t do it!




#2: Start A Brand Ambassador Program


A brand ambassador program can be helpful in many ways. You will be able to get people with large audiences to promote your program.


For example, you can pay a social media influencer to expose your brand to their audience. I’m sure you’ve seen this trend in the past couple of years.


The reason why this is even a thing is that it really works. For a couple of hundred dollars, you can expose your brand to tens of thousands of people.


Just make sure you get the right influencers to do this. Their audience needs to have similar interests to yours in order to get the most out of your money.(5,6)


Also, make sure you pay attention to the engagement of these influencers. Some of them buy their followers from third party websites, which means that some of their audience is full of … bots.


You don’t want to look at their follower count only. In stead, pay attention to how many likes, shares and comment they have on their post. If they have a ton of them, then this might be one of your future partners.


Social media is and will always be a great way to grow your business. Because people’s attention is there.



#3: Go To Events


Going to live events in your niche can be a very good option if you want to find high quality partners. Usually, there are a ton of networking opportunities at these events.


There are people who would otherwise be very hard to reach online, meaning that you will be able to pitch them a partnership offer. Always try making a good impression and look professional.


There are a couple of websites (like allconferences)that you can find events on. Try to be as genuine as possible when talking to these people.


They are most likely rich and experienced entrepreneurs who just want to have a good time. Sometimes, having a couple of drinks in order to loosen up can be a huge advantage in business.


In my own experience, being charismatic is the most important thing while networking. Your credentials are not as important as you may think.


Final Thoughts


Affiliate program partnerships can be extremely profitable when done right. If you plan on growing your business, it’s important to learn as much as possible and apply the correct tactics, then you will be on right track.


Also, don’t forget to network as much as possible with successful people. It’s a very good way to get insight on what they are doing and why their businesses grew to much.


You need the right training if you want to have a successful affiliate business. For that matter, I suggest investing in the Super Affiliate System Pro. You can thank me later.