10+ Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily (2021)




As you probably already know, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. But which affiliate programs pay you every day?


Stay tuned because you are in the right place. In this article, we will go over the best programs to promote in 2020.


When I first started, nearly 7 years ago, it was very different than it is today.


You could say that the online space was kind of like the wild west. It was very easy to get scammed by dishonest people who were looking to make a quick buck.


Nowadays, it’s very different. People are more careful where they put their credit cards.


Back when I first started working online, there were A LOT of affiliate programs. Kind of like it’s right now.


But there wasn’t really any information on what the best programs to promote are. I remember wanting to get paid every day, and not wait for weeks or even months before getting my hard earned money.


That’s why I decided to write this article in order to help people who were in the same situation that I was in.


I will start by telling you that the affiliate programs that pay you daily are very difficult to find. Why?


Because if the customer wants a refund, the company will lose money.


So … there are not a lot of them out there.


However, I compiled a list with the ones that I personally tried. So you can just relax because I did the work for you.


1. CPA Lead



CPA Lead is a very cool affiliate network with a bunch of nice offers. Not only that, but it’s also a CPA network, as it says in the name.


I found some of the products to be quite interesting. Note that not all the products offer daily payouts, but there are plenty that do.


If you search for nice offers and want to get paid daily, CPA Lead is worth a try. Even if it’s not the most popular affiliate network.


Have a look at CPA Lead


2. PayKickStart



You probably heard of this one. It’s probably the best network for people who run online businesses in more than 1 niche (such as myself).


If you have a hard time finding products or offers to promote, than PayKickStart could be a very good option for you. They have a ton of products in different niches that you can choose from.


You just need to pick an offer that you like and send some traffic to your funnel or website. In the past, the offers from PayKickStart worked very well for me, as I found them to be extremely profitable.


You might want to give it a try if you want to find cool offers in niches with less competition. As in the case of CPA Lead, PayKickStart don’t pay you every day for EVERY offer, but you can find products that allow you to receive commissions on a daily basis.


Have a look at PayKickStart

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3. Mobidea



Mobidea is one of my favorite affiliate networks that allows you to get commissions on a daily basis. Again, like in the case of most of the networks on this list, they don’t offer such service for all their products.


The good thing is that it’s quite easy to find products that pay you daily via PayPal. Most of these products are quite good and I found them to be profitable.


You can build a nice-looking sales page and send traffic via paid ads. This method worked very well for me in the past with Mobidea products.


Have a look at Mobidea


4. Dr. Cash



You’ve probably never heard of this one. The products that you can find on Dr. Cas are mostly in the health nice.


Also, if you’re looking for networks that pay you on a daily basis (duh, that’s why you’re here), then this is probably the best option.


Why? Because you don’t only get paid once per day, but twice! That’s right.


Dr. Cash pays out commissions every morning and evening. As you can probably tell, I really like this one.


Also, the fact that it has a lot of products in the health niche is great because we all know that health is the most profitable niche in online marketing.


Have a look at Dr. Cash


5. Warrior Plus


warrior plus


If you’ve been in the online marketing space for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of Warrior Plus. They have a variety of digital products.


Most of them are in the make money online niche, and they tend to convert quite good. Still to this day, I promote products from Warrior+.


This is just a theory of mine, but I think the products convert well because the people who buy them know about this network. Warrior Plus is one of the most trusted names in the online marketing space along Clickbank and JVZoo, which I’m gonna talk about later.


You can get paid via PayPal on a daily basis, but not for every product, like in the case of most of the networks on this list.


Have a look at Warrior+


6. Peerfly




What I like most about Peerfly is the very nice tracking system, that offers you information about your clicks, conversions and so on.


You probably don’t know this network, but I recommend you take a look at it. They have a ton of digital products. Some of them pay out daily commissions as well.


Also, a very cool thing about Peerfly is that you can promote very big brands such as Uber. So you don’t really need to convince someone to buy some sketchy product.


The downside is that if you want to get paid on a daily basis, you need to pay a fee of 24%. That’s not very convenient if you think about it.


Maybe not the best network on the list, but definitely worth checking out because of the amount of well known companies.


Have a look at Peerfly


7. AdCrax Affiliates


adcrax affiliates


This is a very special network because it has products from only one niche, which is the mobile market.


They have offers regarding mobile apps, games and so on. It’s worth checking out because the niche is not that competitive. At least in my opinion.


So if you’re into mobile stuff, then this could be a very good option for you. There’s not that many people who do this.


Also, you can choose the option of getting paid on a daily basis, which is always nice. Oh, and their website looks very cool as well.


Have a look at AdCrax Affiliates


8. Terra Leads


affiliate programs that pay daily


Quite similar to Dr. Cash, Terra Leads comprises a big variety of products in the health niche. Also, they have a lot of high converting products regarding fitness and nutrition.


This is a great option if you like writing content about fitness, as you will have quite an easy time finding helpful products. They make all of their products themselves, so you can trust the quality.


The only negative I see is that the fitness niche is packed with people. You might have a hard time competing against some of the big guys out there.


But I know for sure that if you stay consistent, in the end you will be the big guy. That’s just how it works in online business, and in any business for that matter.


Just pump out quality content and you will be fine.


Have a look at Terra Leads


9. JVZoo




Along Clickbank and Warrior+, JVZoo is the most popular affiliate marketing network on the planet. They have a lot of digital products in the make money online niche and they do a lot of digital product launches.


I used to make very nice commissions with these launches when I first started my online journey. It’s probably one of the best ways to start.


Last time I checked, JVZoo had tremendously increased the number of the products on the platform. Now they have digital products in virtually ANY NICHE.


If you ask me, the best thing about JVZoo is that they pay on a daily basis. That’s why some people prefer it in stead of Clickbank.


Have a look at JVZoo


10. Rapid Action Profits

affiliate networks that pay on a daily basis


This network is one of the least popular ones on this list. It’s also the smallest one, and yet it could be one of the best.


Why? Because it pays instant commissions to the affiliates.


The product selection is not that big, as you can probably imagine. But if you are interested in the marketing niche, than you should be good.


The price of the products is $197, so if you make a sale, you can get a really nice payout.


The downside however is that it’s quite an old product. If you are a beginner in online marketing you probably don’t know what the problem here is.


Typically, the older the product is, the more difficult is to make sales.


You might want to give it a shot. There’s really nothing to lose.


Have a look at Rapid Action Profits


11. Clickmagick




This is a tool that helps marketers track their campaigns and see how effective they are. Personally, I really like it and I use it myself for more than 2 years with no intention of stopping.


If you’re into online business, then Clickmagick is one of the best products that you can promote. You don’t really need to convince anyone how important it is to track their clicks.


In online marketing, if you don’t track stuff, it’s very difficult to make a profit.


Also, Clickmagick is a recurring product, which means that if you refer someone, you get paid every time they renew their subscription. That’s one of the best types of products.


As you can imagine, Clickmagick also pays out commissions on a daily basis.


You might want to give it a try. There are very few products better than this.


Have a look at Clickmagick




I really hope that you got something out of this article. Getting paid on a daily basis is as good as it sounds.


Just seeing those PayPal notifications while you’re at home almost gives me chills. There’s nothing like making money online.


Keep in mind that all these networks could change their payment methods anytime they want, so please shoot me an email if you see that.


If you’re a beginner in online marketing, I would recommend you also look into other types of opportunities.


Sure, getting paid daily sounds very cool, but don’t get too hung up with it. It’s much more sustainable to think more long term.


If you ask me, the best advice that I can give you is to produce quality content. If you do this, then money will keep coming.


Maybe you will not receive it every day, but you’ll sure as hell receive it.


When I started promoting products that pay me at the end of the month, I realized that in the end I was making more money. Why?

Because I stopped spamming my affiliate link everywhere I could. That’s the stupidest way to try and make money.


If you’re a beginner entrepreneur and want to learn more about online business, I highly recommend checking out SAS.


It will teach you everything you need to know about building a profitable affiliate business