Commission Hero Review (2021) – Don’t Waste Your Money …

Commission Hero Review


Can you still make money with Facebook ads? This is the question I also asked nearly 7 years ago when I started my online journey.


After graduating college, I knew it was possible to make money online in stead of getting a real job. I hated the idea of wasting my life in a corporation that doesn’t care about me.


The problem was that my mom and dad were trying to force me to do exactly that. Obviously they were worried that I will end up being a loser …


I really wanted to prove them wrong. The thought of making money by myself from my laptop was like a fairytale.


Obviously I’ve failed in the beginning and I had to sell out and get a corporate job … My dream of becoming financially independent was slowly dying.


I realized that IT IS possible to make money online. I knew I will not give up this time.


So I lied to my boss telling him I was sick (lol). I then started working 12 hours a day on average trying to make money online.


My parents also threatened to kick me out of the house if I don’t start acting like an adult … But nothing could stop me.


After some money spent and hard work, I made a sale! It was with a Facebook ad. I was so happy. You can’t imagine how thankful I felt.


After that, I got another sale. And another one.


In the end, I quit my job and decided to never go back. But you know what the most important thing was?


I proved my parents that I was right. Since then, I was able to buy them more and more nice things and to make them happy. That’s what really matters …


Oh and I forgot to tell you. I got scammed by many gurus with their “get rich quick” courses. Why? Because I’m not very smart.


So I created this blog in order to help people with tips about affiliate marketing and ecommerce. Or just online business in general.


So, if you’re here for a review of Commission Hero, you’re in the right place.


What Is Commission Hero?



It’s an affiliate marketing course created by Robby Blanchard, then #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world. Robby created this course with the aim of helping his students reach $1000/day in profit.


Now that’s a huge claim. Is it possible to make that amount of money simply by applying the information in the course? Keep reading if you want to know the answer to that.


Robby teaches exactly what he’s doing himself. Promoting Clickbank products with Facebook ads. Now, Facebook ads were much cheaper when I started my online journey in 2013. But it’s still a very viable business model (I know because I’m doing Facebook ads myself).

If you decide to invest in the course, you will hear the phrase “3-step-system” A LOT.


So what is this 3 step system?


Robby Blanchard 3-Step System


  1. Find an offer: this is a crucial step because if you promote an offer that just doesn’t convert, you can lose A LOT of money. In the course, Robby teaches you how to do proper research and how to find the best offers to promote
  2. Create a landing page: Robby shows you how to create a landing page that will entice people to purchase the products that you’re promoting. If you don’t have a high-converting landing page, then … good luck :). Don’t worry, he will teach you  how to create one, but also give you his own templates that you can modify or just plug in. I found Robby’s templates very profitable.
  3. Run Facebook ads: Here is where the fun begins. Robby teaches you his very own process of running Facebook ads. You will learn how to persuade people to click on your ads, as well as how to convince them to buy. I’m not gonna lie, this is the best Facebook ads training that I’ve been through.


What’s Inside Commission Hero?


The Commission Hero dashboard is pretty intuitive. And by that I mean that you will quickly understand how to navigate it and where to click.


Let’s have a look at what you get once you decide to invest in the course.


Module 1 – Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing


The first video that you will see is a “must watch” if you was me. Why?


Because it’s really helpful, especially for beginners. I found it very motivating, as well as very helpful in terms of expectations.


Some people think this is just a get rich quick scheme, which is not. You don’t just buy the program and make instant money.


You actually need to put in the work (bummer).


Getting Started


This is where Robby tells you what you need to set up in order to have an easier time afterwards. You will need to set up a couple of accounts, so you can start running ads and making sales.


You will need to get a landing page builder, such as Clickfunnels (it’s not mandatory to use Clickfunnels. You can use whatever funnel builder you want. For example, I use Kartra and Groovefunnels, but it’s your choice).


You will also need to set up your Facebook ad accounts. Yes, you will need more than one (keep reading if you want to know why).


Finally, you will need to create your Clickbank and MaxWeb accounts (it’s up to you. For example, I only use Clickbank).


Choosing The Right Offers to promote as an Affiliate


Now, you really need to pay attention to this one. As you found out earlier, this section is crucial.


Robby will teach you what offers to promote in order to make the most money. He goes into great detail in order to make you understand exactly what to do.


This section was very useful for me. Since I took this course, my business really went to the next level.

Finding Your Facebook Ad Image


This is also very important. You need to choose an image which will create curiosity among your audience. Facebook recently become more and more strict, so you should really pay attention to these lessons.


If you have a good image on your ad, you can make A LOT of money. Why?


Because more people will click on it, so your conversions will be higher. Robby does a very good job at explaining what is a good image and what isn’t.


Also, he will teach you how to find a good designer who will create amazing images.


Setting Up A Landing Page


You probably realize how important it is to set up your landing page the right way. When I first started creating landing pages, I didn’t really know what the right way was.


So I kept going back and changing stuff. Robby will teach you how to set it up properly the first time.


This is very important as it will save you a lot of time and money.


Robby teaches you how to use Clickfunnels for your landing pages. As you found out earlier, this is NOT mandatory. You can use whatever funnel builder you like.


Module 2 – Facebook Ads Setup


Here is where the magic happens. Robby will teach you the exact tactics he used in order to become the number 1 Clickbank affiliate in the world.


I’m gonna be honest and tell you this is the best Facebook ads course that I ever saw. It really doesn’t leave anything out. Robby teaches you from A-Z how to run profitable ads.


Here are just a couple of things that you will learn inside this module:


  • Setting up your business manager
  • Setting up your first campaign
  • Setting up your ads
  • Setting up your custom audiences
  • Installing your Facebook pixel
  • Analyzing your analytics


And a lot more.


Module 3 – Tracking & Scaling Your Results


Nobody ever created a successful online business without proper tracking. In this section, Robby will teach you how to track and scale your campaigns.


He will tell you to use Clickmagick (again, you don’t need to use this one. If you want, you can use any link tracking software).


Let’s talk a little bit about scaling. If you spend $100 and get back $150, then you got $50 in profits. Isn’t it logical to spend $1000 on the same campaign and get $1500?


Yes, it is. But if you don’t know how to do it properly, you will lose money.


That’s why Robby will tell you how to safely scale your campaigns, so that you make as much money as possible.


This section was highly useful for me, as I had problems with scaling my campaigns. You will really appreciate these videos.


Module 4 – Resources & Tools


This section contains done for you stuff such as like landing pages, copywriting templates, ad images (we talked about them earlier).


Also, Robby has some mindset videos that will be highly useful for you, especially if you’re a beginner.


I don’t usually like mindset stuff because I find it mostly disingenuous. But Robby does a really good job at this.


You can (and should) take these templates and plug them into your campaigns. I would rccommend editing them a little bit.


In my experience, the people who copy everything word for word are rarely successful. Try to think outside the box a little bit.


If you follow Robby’s tactics, you will make money. It’s on you to take action.


Module 5 – Additional Training


This is one of my favorite modules in the entire course. To be honest, Robby didn’t really have to include these extra training.


For beginners, it might seem a bit overwhelming. My advice is to first apply what is inside the first 4 modules.


After you start making some money, you can dive into these extra resources. The most important video in this section is the email marketing one.


Everybody knows that “the money is in the list”. BUT if you’re running paid ads (like Robby teaches you), your 1st day conversions will not be as good.


In my experience, collecting emails decreases your conversions BUT you will be able to make more money in the long run.


It’s your decision. If I were you, I will first figure out how to have good conversions. After that, you can experiment with email marketing.


Let’s have a look at what’s included in this section:


  • Ninja Tactics: Robby will teach you how to deal with your account being shut down by Facebook, how to reach out to vendors to get better commission rates or how to spy on successful ads.
  • Snapchat Training: This is pretty self explanatory. Robby will teach you how to run Snapchat ads. I personally didn’t try this but some people in the group have quite a bit of success with them. It’s worth looking into it.
  • Email Marketing: As you found out earlier, this is a great addition to the training. Email marketing is a great way to make more money in the long run and increasing your customer value. If I were you, I will definitely pay attention to this one.


What I Like About Commission Hero


Robby does a great job teaching the tactics that made him the best Clickbank affiliate in the world. He is one of the best online marketing teachers I’ve ever seen. The system REALLY works.


There are literally hundreds of people in the group posting their success stories (more on that later). Speaking of which, the Facebook group is one of the best I’ve been part of.


You can post any question and someone will answer it in a matter of minutes. The community aspect of the course is great. There is also a live training section which you can attend and ask questions.


If you take action, don’t give up and follow Robby’s instructions, you will make money.

What I don’t Like About Commission Hero


The price is quite high ($997) and it will not be affordable to everyone. Also, you need some extra money for ads.


Robby says you can have an ads budget of $20/day and you can still succeed. My recommendation is to have at least an extra $500 in order to make sure you don’t run out of money.


Sometimes you get your account shut down. Don’t worry too much about it as Robby teaches you how to get it back.


This is a problem that even the people who make $5000/day in profit have. Again, it’s not such a big deal.


What Other People Are Saying About Commission Hero


As you found out earlier, there are A LOT of people inside the Facebook group who are having massive results with the course. There are literally thousands of photos with people’s dashboards.


Here are a couple of them:


commission hero review


Commission Hero Testimonial


Commission Hero


There are A LOT more photos in the group. Keep in mind that these people took action.


It’s really important to understand that this course is not a silver bullet and you will need to implement Robby’s tactics in order to have success.


Implementation is hard work. If you think that you will make easy money, you’re in the wrong mindset.



Commission hero is the best paid ads course that I reviewed on this blog. It really taches you everything you need to know about how to be profitable with Facebook ads.


If you’re in the right mindset and ready to work, this course is one of the best options for your. Many people fail because they expect it to be easy.


If it was easy, nobody would have a 9 to 5. Robby’s tactics work and you can really make a life-changing income.


It’s up to you to take action.