Dropship Lifestyle Review [2021] – Does Anton Kraly deliver?

You’ve probably seen that Dropship Lifestyle (DSL) is the #1 dropshipping course according to Shopify. Now that’s a huge claim.


Today, we’re gonna have a look at whether or not it deserves that title. The high price tag definitely attracts a lot of attention.


If you want to find out if it’s worth it, you’re in the right place.


Make sure you stay until the end to find out if it’s the best option, or if there are better, cheaper alternatives.


Who Is Anton Kraly?


Dropship Lifestyle Review


Anton has been working online for the past 8 years, making millions of dollars in his dropshipping business. After he sold his business, he started focusing only on his course, Dropship Lifestyle (DSL).


Whether that’s true or not is debatable. More on that later.


He took advantage of all that new found fame and put a high price tag on his course.


Also, he created an affiliate program for the course, which caused it to massively grow in notoriety. It’s now clear that DSL is the most recommended dropshipping course on the planet.


Let’s find out if it’s worth all the hype.


Dropship Lifestyle Review


Drop Ship Lifestyle Review


Why do you see so many positive reviews for this course? Well, it’s very simple actually.


There are 2 versions of the course. the first one is the Premium version, which is only ( 😂 )  $2997.


The Ultimate version of the course is $4997. Yes, i’m serious.


Anton also has an affiliate program, which pays 50% commissions. So if an affiliate, like me, were to recommend you to his course, he would get 50% of whatever version of the course you decide to purchase.


This is why you see so many positive reviews. The people recommending it want to get those high commissions, and don’t really know whether the course is good or not.


And they don’t even care. As long as they get a $2500 commission, why would they, right? 🙂


Let’s have a look at what you get:


What’s Inside Dropship Lifestyle?


As mentioned above, there are 2 versions of the course: Premium and Ultimate


Dropship Lifestyle Review



Dropship Lifestyle Premium


The premium version is divided into 7 modules. Also, it contains the Dropship Labs which is a collection of checklists, standard operating procedures, as well as templates that you can use to contact product suppliers.


The DS Labs is a great bonus, but in my opinion the price is too high and you can find cheaper options.


The course is good. It covers everything you need to know in order to start your online business. For example selecting your niche, starting your website or getting approved by product suppliers.


Again, it’s a good course.


Keep in mind that it’s also very long and it is very difficult to finish all the modules in 30 days.


Why? You will in the refund policy section.


Dropship Lifestyle Ultimate


This is a DFY (done for you) system that removes all the hard work associated with building an online business. If you read some of my other reviews, you know what I think about done for you stuff.


All you have to do is pay $4997, and that’s it. Anton’s team will even build a website for you.


In my opinion, a course is meant to teach you something. Not do it for you.


If you build an online business from the ground up, you get evergreen skills that will stay with you all your life.


If after this review you will decide that you want to invest in Dropship Lifestyle, then be my guest.


But please go with the premium version, so that you can learn how to do everything yourself.


Dropship Lifestyle Review


Dropship Lifestyle Pros


  • It has useful information
  • Anton is a good teacher
  • It has a 30 money back guarantee (although you shouldn’t rely on it)
  • It’s a very popular course


Dropship Lifestyle Cons


  • the price is just TOO HIGH.
  • the 30 day money back guarantee is sketchy

Dropship Lifestyle Refund Policy


There is a 30 day money back guarantee. Which is a great thing.


Remember when I told you that the course is very long? Well, if you don’t manage to finish the course in 30 days, you will not be able to qualify for the money back guarantee.


If you thought there is a catch, you were right.


So if you want to rely on the refund policy, keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to finish the course in less than 30 days.




Dropship Lifestyle Review


I really tried to be as objective as possible. In my opinion, the price is too high for this course.


Ecommerce is not rocket science, and you don’t need to pay such a huge amount of money for a dropshipping course. In my opinion, Anton just took advantage of the course’s notoriety and the hype created by his affiliates and put an astronomical price on the course.


Also, the Ultimate version which costs $5k is crippling for beginners. If you are just starting out, YOU NEED to learn skills that will help you in the future.


You are much better off buying something less expensive and invest the rest in your business. With $500-$1000, you can get started with paid ads on Facebook or Google.


If you are such a big fan of Anton and you have so much money that you don’t mind spending on a course, then be my guest. You can get DSL right here.


But if you don’t have a big budget and decide to pay this amount of money for an ecommerce course, I would recommend you to think twice.  There are far better options out there.


Dropship Lifestyle Alternatives


A better alternative would be the 100K Blueprint from Dan Dasilva. It’s cheaper and more in-depth in my opinion.


Also, if you’re a beginner, Dan’s course is more suitable for you.


In terms of an overall platform where you can find reliable suppliers with good prices, SaleHoo is the best choice.


I recommend you have a look at it. You can save some money which you could invest in your business.


You can read my 100K Blueprint review and decide for yourself if it’s a better option than Dropship Lifestyle.