7 Best Education Affiliate Programs (With The Highest Commissions): Make Money By Promoting Learning Materials

education affiliate programs


Nowadays there are a ton of education affiliate programs on the market.


That’s because online education has become more and more popular in the past couple of years. Students realized they can get good education from the comfort of their own home in stead of spending tens of thousands of dollars for university.


Student debt hit a new record in 2020, averaging more than $1.6 Trillion. Yes, Trillion.(1)


I personally have 2 business degrees: a bachelor’s and a master’s. Was it worth it? Hell, no.


The information they tell you in business school can easily be found online. Nobody reveals any game changing business secrets in the classroom.


Unless you want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or any other respectable career, then it makes sense to go to university. Other than that, getting your education on the internet is a much better option.


If you want to get a degree in “communications” or “arts”, you probably shouldn’t spend $100k for it.


That being said, there are a ton of education affiliate programs to make money with. But … what are the best ones?


Well, if you’re here to find out the answer to this question, you’re in the right place! By the end of this article, you will know exactly what education affiliate programs to promote, as well as how to make as much money as possible with them.

Best Education Affiliate Programs


Affiliate marketing is an industry worth more than $12 Billion. Meaning that there is a lot of opportunity for people like you and me.


There are affiliate programs in any niche and education makes no exception. We hand picked the best education affiliate programs to make money with, as well as the easiest ones to promote.


That being said, let’s jump straight into it.



The Princeton Review


The Princeton Review is a platform that helps people get into whatever university they want. Whether you want to go to law school or get an engineering degree, The Princeton Review will help you prepare for admissions.


It’s basically a program that helps people prepare for exams. The best part about it is that the commissions are quite big.


You can make more than $100 for 1 referral. This helps a lot because you will be able to spend more money on ads. Also, the cookie duration is 45 days, which means you don’t necessarily need to make the sale right away.


The Princeton Review definitely has one of the best education affiliate programs out there.


the princeton review logo


Rosetta Stone


If you’re from the United States you’ve surely heard about Rosetta Stone.


It’s a very popular language training program that helps people learn a foreign language in the shortest amount of time.


It does this by image associations and flashcards. This in turn helps the user absorb the information in a much more efficient manner, as supposed to forcing them to read hundreds of books.


One of the best aspects of the affiliate program is that Rosetta Stone already has a well known brand. Meaning that you won’t need to do much “selling” when referring people to the website.


The commission you make is 7% out of purchase your referral makes on the Rosetta Stone platform. Also, the cookie duration is 45 days which is very nice.


Rosetta Stone logo


Brain Sensei


Brain Sensei is a platform that helps people with passing their project management exams.


If you’re familiar with project management, you probably know it’s not the most fun subjects you take in school.


Brain Sensei has a different approach, meaning that they teach project management in a more interactive way.


The cookie duration is 60 days, so you’re definitely not pressured to break even right away. Also, you get around 15% commission for every sale you make.


The average amount someone spends on Brain Sensei is almost $500, so 15% out of that is definitely good.


Brain Sensei logo


The Linux Foundation


The Linux Foundation doesn’t sell Linux software licenses like you probably thought. In stead, they teach students how to become proficient in coding.


C++ or Python are some of the subjects they teach, which is very useful for people who are looking to start a career as a computer programmer.


The commission you get is 20% out of every sale you make. This is very good, as some of their courses cost a couple of thousand dollars.


Also, the cookie duration is 4 months so you can take your time.



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Thinkific is a very popular platform for people who want to sell their own education.


Similar to Kajabi, Thinkific is a platform where people can host their training program for a relatively cheap price.


This is great, as you can easily target people who want to sell their courses online. The cookie duration is 90 days while the commission is 20%.


Thinkific’s affiliate program is definitely worth looking into.


Thinkific logo


Discount School Supply


Discount School Supply is the only affiliate program on this list that features physical products as opposed to digital ones.


The company was founded more than 3 decades ago and it provides discounted education products for children. This can be very helpful for parents, as they can save money on school supplies.


The commission is 4% out of every sale, but keep in mind some of these products are quite expensive. Also, physical products will always have lower commission than digital ones, as the sellers can’t afford to pay you so much.


The only downside of this program is the small cookie duration, which is only 1 day. This means you need to make the sale right away so you become profitable with your ads.


Discount School Supply logo

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Bionic Turtle


Bionic Turtle is a platform that helps users prepare for the financial risk management certification exams.


The reason why it’s on this list is that it’s easy to target the right people via Facebook ads. Anyone who wants to have a career in the financial field needs some kind of certification.


Bionic Turtle helps people study for the exams, which means that most of the warm traffic you will send will most likely convert.


The commission you get is 20% of the sale. Keep in mind that finance courses are always expensive, so 20% is definitely not bad.


Also, the cookie duration is 60 days so you shouldn’t feel pressured to close the sale right away.


Bionic Turtle logo


How To Promote Education Affiliate Programs?


Now that you know what the best education affiliate programs are, how can you promote them?


Well, the best way to promote any affiliate offer is via Facebook ads. That’s because Facebook is great at targeting the right audience.


That totally makes sense, as when you think about it, Facebook knows more about you than most of your family members. They track your every scroll, click, like, etc.


That’s why I highly recommend checking out Commission Hero, as it will teach you from A to Z how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business with Facebook ads.