Fiverr Affiliate Program: Can You Make $100 Per Day With It?

fiverr affiliate


As the most popular website for freelancers in the world, Fiverr became one of the most valuable internet companies in the world. As of 2020, it is worth over $3 billion.


Yes, Billions with a B.


So, it makes sense for them to have an affiliate program. Why no? It’s a great opportunity for them to make more money.


Also, it’s a great opportunity for us, the affiliates, to make some extra cash.


I like this affiliate program because it doesn’t cost anything to join. I know most affiliate networks are free, but hear me out.


In the past few weeks I’ve been looking for new affiliate programs to promote (because I am incredibly bored) and I’ve found out that not ALL programs are free. Can you believe it?


Builderall costs money to join. That’s just not cool.


Anyway, that’s not the case for Fiverr. It’s free to join (like most programs) and you don’t need to have a website.


You can promote it with Facebook ads (my favorite way EVER) or any other traffic source.


Fiverr Affiliate Program


The Fiverr affiliate program helps users make money without actually selling their own services on the platform. If you refer people to the Fiverr platform, you get a commission.


This is great, as it can enable you to get passive income by referring freelancers. Your only job is to drive traffic to Fiverr, like with any other affiliate program.


So … what do you need to do in order to get started? Let’s jump straight into it.


Step 1: Sign Up As A Fiverr Affiliate


The first step is obviously to create your account. You can sign up right here.


The process is simple and pretty straight forward. You will just need to enter your information and click “next“. (what a surprise, right?)


Step 2: Tell Us A Little About Yourself


Here is where they will ask you a couple of things about yourself. They do this in order to protect their brand.


As you can imagine, there are many scammers on the internet that can hurt their brand if they allow them. That’s why they take precautions in order to prevent this.


This is a trend in the past couple of years. The big brands started to audit their affiliates because they got slapped with lawsuits. And they don’t really want that to happen, do they?


If you ask me … the additional questions don’t really prevent that to happen.


Anyway, they will mainly ask you 2 things:


  • What your audience is interested inĀ 
  • How you are planning to promote Fiverr


Don’t think too much about these questions. I always give some random answer and that was never a problem.


It’s not like if you’re planning to promote their products via Facebook ads, then you’re tied into only that method. They don’t care how you promote their products.


If you’re sending traffic over to their website, they will be happy with you.


If you don’t believe me than just go ahead and answer everything they ask you. After that, you will be able to start promoting Fiverr right away.


Which means they don’t have to approve you. That’s very cool.


fiverr affiliate program


Fiverr Affiliate Program Overview


OK. Now that you’ve created your affiliate account, it’s time to take a look at the program from a birds eye view.


I will tell you from the start, that you can get commissions only when you refer people who don’t have a Fiverr account yet. That means that if you refer your cousin for example, who doesn’t have a Fiverr account, you will get a commission.


On the other hand, if you refer me, who has a Fiverr account, unfortunately you will not get the credit for the stuff that I buy from the website.


It makes sense. But it’s not a very good thing for the affiliates.


Like with any other program, it has pros and cons. The biggest pro is obviously that the platform is very good. Fiverr is the most popular website for freelancers in the world.


It’s kinda like with Amazon affiliates. Amazon pays very low commissions because … well.


They don’t really care if you refer people to them. They are just too big.


Another great thing about the Fiverr affiliate program is something that is not so common. They have a 12 month cookie period. Meaning that if your cousin (who doesn’t have a Fiverr account) clicks on your link and doesn’t create his account right away, you will get the commission if he creates his account in the next 12 months.


That’s just great. I’m sure you can see the potential here.


Also, another great thing is that you can promote Fiverr to people from all over the world. Of course, there are some countries that Fiverr doesn’t accept. But don’t worry about that.


There are 160 countries that you can promote it to. The market is huge.


Also, you get paid via PayPal, which is always nice. There are platforms that don’t pay with this method, for example Clickbank.


Getting paid with PayPal is probably the best way for most people, as it’s very fast and easy.


Fiverr Commission Plan


Fiverr has a CPA (cost per action) commission plan structure. Meaning that you get paid whenever someone makes a purchase through your link.


There are many products you can promote, which is great because you are not tied to a certain product. In those cases, there is a slightly higher competition (which you don’t really need to worry about in the case of Fiverr).


Here is a screenshot with all the commission options.


fiverr affiliate program commissions


Let’s have a look at all the products individually, so we can see what’s the best one that you can promote.




This is the most popular market that they have. It’s probably the one you’ve heard of.


It includes services such as graphic design, writing, video editing and so on. Basically anything you can think of in regards to freelancing jobs.


The commissions that you can get when promoting these kinds of products are ranging from $15-$50.


The commissions you get obviously depend on the product and the difficulty of it. For example, an animated video will be more expensive than a small 500 word blog post.


Fiverr Pro


This is the “pro” version of the platform. Here you can find products from high quality freelancers that were verified by the platform.


Only top tier freelancers are accepted into the “pro” program, which means that their services cost more.


Therefore, your commissions will be much higher. Here, you can get $150 commissions. If you ask me, you should focus on promoting this version of the platform.


With $150 for 1 sale, you can really make a nice profit with Facebook ads.


Learn From Fiverr


As you can imagine, this contains a bunch of educational materials for freelancers. It can be really profitable, as there is less competition.


The freelancers take courses on graphic design, editing and so on, which means you can easily target them on Facebook or Google.


The commissions for a course is $30, which is nice. I had a lot of success promoting these products.




This is a software as a service type product, which means it’s not as difficult to promote. It was recently bought by Fiverr and it is very helpful for freelancers.


It helps them with the organization of their services. Meaning that they have an easier time managing their workload.


I’ve tried this software myself and you can feel good about promoting it. It’s a great software.


The commission for AND.CO is $30.


Final Thoughts (How To Make Money With Fiverr)


Fiverr has a good affiliate program. It has a bunch of options that you can promote, ranging from $15 to $150.


Being the best website for freelancers, it’s very easy to recommend it to people. Fiverr is a trusted company that everybody knows.


In my opinion, the best way to promote it is with Facebook ads. Facebook is great at targeting people.


You can easily target freelancers on Facebook and promote them the Pro version of Fiverr. You get $150 for every sale.


If you are serious about affiliate marketing, I suggest looking into Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard.


It’s probably the best Facebook ads course on the market. You can thank me later.