Franklin Hatchett Net Worth: How Much He Makes & How He Does It




It’s always interesting to see how much money people like Franklin Hatchett actually make. These internet gurus skyrocketed in popularity during the past several years, and many people are wondering what their net worth is.


One of the most popular “make money online” gurus is Franklin Hatchett. At the time of writing this article, his YouTube channel has more than 360k subscribers. Not bad, right?


My guess is that you’re here in order to get inspired. That’s completely fine, as we all want to make more money and become successful entrepreneurs.(1)


Franklin didn’t have much money when he started his business journey as well. He was just a construction worker with a dream. If you came here to find out how much money Franklin Hatchett actually makes, then you’re in the right place! By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding on his income sources, as well as (hopefully) become more inspired.


Let’s jump straight into it:

Franklin Hatchett Net Worth


As previously mentioned, Franklin started off as a young construction worker, making very little money and dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur. He slowly started to build assets that allowed him to quit his job and escape the rat race.(2)


While it’s impossible to find out exactly how much money Franklin makes (because he never publicly announced it), we did out research and found out what income sources he currently has, as well as approximately how much money he makes from each of them.


Income Source #1 – Affiliate Marketing


Franklin is not one of the people that don’t do what they preach. He actually runs multiple successful affiliate marketing businesses. On one hand, he creates affiliate blogs, and sells them.


On the other hand, he runs Facebook ads, and other such paid advertising campaigns to affiliate products. Franklin is one of the best sales funnel builders in the world. Not only that, he won the 2CommaClub award a couple of years ago.


It’s safe to say that Franklin became one of the best affiliate marketing experts in the world in a relatively short time. Also, he is still to this day the fastest Clickfunnels dream car winner in the world.


In regards to his affiliate blog portofolio, we can’t really know for sure how much money it’s worth. That’s because if Franklin were to reveal everything, then many people would just copy his sites and destroy his business.


No marketer reveals exactly how much money he makes from his affiliate blogs. But if you ask me to take a wild guess, I would say that he makes approximately $10k per month for every affiliate blog.


In regards to his paid ads, I can’t know for sure because it depends on how much money he invests in his campaigns. But again, if you ask me to take a wild guess considering Franklin’s experience, I would say that he gets at least 35% ROI on his ads.




Income Source #2 – Ecommerce Stores


Franklin is not only an affiliate marketer, but also an ecommerce expert. In the past year or so, he focused more on producing affiliate marketing videos for his YouTube channel (more on that later), but in the beginning, Franklin was really big into ecommerce.


Dropshipping is one of Franklin’s most profitable income sources. He has multiple online stores in different niches. Again, he doesn’t reveal exactly how much he makes, but you’re in luck. Because yours truly also runs ecommerce stores! My guess is that Franklin makes about $70k-$80k per month in revenue. With his experience, I would say that out of the revenue, he takes home about $25k in profit.(3)


As an entrepreneur, I really appreciate the information Franklin on YouTube, as well as in his courses. Dropshipping is one of the best business models out there, and it’s not going away anytime soon.


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Income Source #3 – YouTube


You’ve probably seen Franklin on YouTube. As mentioned above, his channel currently has over 360k subscribers and it’s one of the biggest “make money online” channels in the world.


For that matter, the CPM (cost per 1000 views) is very high. That’s how YouTube works: depending on your niche, you make as much money as the companies that advertise are willing to invest.


For example, if you’re doing cat videos and get 1 million views per month, you will make much less money than someone that talks about affiliate marketing and gets the same amount of views per month.(4)


That means that the niche that Franklin is in, is one of the most profitable niches in the world. According to Socialblade, he makes anywhere from $94 – $1.5k per month.


If you ask me, this is completely false. My guess is that he makes much more than that. Anyway, you can be assured that YouTube ad revenue is not Franklin’s main source of income and that he does it mainly to help people, as well as funnel them into buying his courses.



Income Source #4 – Savage Affiliates


Savage Affiliates is Franklin’s affiliate marketing course. It costs $197-$297 and is targeted more towards beginners.(5)


If you are not new to my blog, you probably know that I went ahead and bought the course. However, I will not review it on this blog because I don’t think it’s either good enough or bad enough.


If you’re a beginner and really like Franklin Hatchett, then go ahead and buy the course. It’s really not bad. I’m just saying that there are better alternatives such as Commission Hero (for paid traffic) or Affilorama (for free traffic).


As far as how much he makes from course sales, you will not be surprised to find out that … it’s a lot. How do I know? Well, as you found out earlier, I went ahead and bought the course.


There are currently 3800 people in the Facebook group, which means that 3800 people bought the course. There are 2 price tags for the course ($197 and $297) but for the sake of this article we will get the average ($250).


So, if 3800 paid on average $250 for this course, then Franklin has made a total of $950.000. Not bad, right?


franklin hatchett photo


Income Source #5 – Ecom Elites


As you can probably imagine, Franklin also created an ecommerce course. In my opinion, ecommerce is more popular than affiliate marketing among his audience.


That’s why Franklin went ahead and created a quite decent ecommerce course. It is priced similarly to Savage Affiliates, having 2 options ($197 for the Standard version and $297 for the ultimate version).


I didn’t join the Facebook group for this one because I’ve been having some problems with my account (don’t ask), so I asked one of my friends who is also one of Franklin’s students how many people there are.(6)


Let’s just say that he makes more with this course than with the affiliate marketing one. Ecom Elites is a decent course that caters to beginners.


However, I think it’s a bit shallow and if you ask me, I would go for something more premium like the 100k blueprint. If you want to get started with ecommerce, you will not regret this decision.


Additional Income Sources


It’s safe to say that Franklin is a smart entrepreneur. And any smart entrepreneur always thinks about diversifying his portofolio.


I’ve heard Franklin speak about real estate and cryptocurrencies before, so it’s likely that he invested in a couple of properties. That’s a very good thing to do especially in the times that we live in.(7)


Whenever you read this, I hope the pandemic is over and we can go outside without masks like normal people! If not, well … I hope you are healthy.


Final Thoughts – Franklin Hatchett Net Worth


In conclusion, Franklin is one of the most successful online entrepreneurs in the world. He creates some good YouTube videos, as well as some beginner friendly and affordable courses.


If I were to guess, I would say that he makes anywhere from $750k – $1M per year in revenue. Remember in the beginning when I told you he used to work on the construction field? Yeah…


That just proves the point that anyone (who works hard enough) can make it. If you are thinking to create an online business, I suggest starting out with affiliate marketing. In my opinion, it’s the best business model out there.


Also, if you have the budget, I suggest investing in Commission Hero, as it will teach you everything you need in order to be successful with Facebook ads (the best way to make money online). You’re welcome.