6 Lego Dropshipping Suppliers: Grow Your eCommerce Business by Selling Toys




Lego dropshipping has become a trend in the past couple of years. The ecommerce business model is always evolving, with new strategies coming out every year.


One of the latest waves of buzz comes from a couple of influencers that state you can successfully dropship Lego products. I had to try this myself, as I am a business junkie and because I wanted to share my experience with you guys.


When it comes to suppliers, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Some companies are really not worth dealing with.


Therefore, we compiled a list with the best Lego dropshipping suppliers so that you can start making money as soon as possible.(1)


Therefore, if you’re here to find out where to find good Lego products and suppliers, you are in the right place! By the end of this article, you will be familiar with what you need to do in order to successfully make money with this method.

What Exactly Is Lego?


Legos are one of the favorite toys of little boys and girls. To be honest, I still have a collection of Lego toys back in my parent’s house that my nephew is currently playing with.


Lego toys are awesome, as they help children get more creative, which will be very beneficial once they become older. Also, it allows children to build whatever they want, so that they feel anything is possible.


The company is now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a Danish billionaire and was founded back in 1932 by his grandfather.(2,3)


Should You Dropship Lego?


As entrepreneurs, we constantly need to ask ourselves is the juice is worth the squeeze. Therefore, we need to establish whether or not dropshipping Lego is a good idea.


The Lego Group revenue improved by 13% in 2020. They made over $7 Billion in that same year, which made them the most profitable toy company.(4)


Dropshipping is a very appealing business model, especially for beginners. That’s because it allows you to manage your costs effectively.


That being said, there are a lot of advantages when it comes to Lego dropshipping. First, you can really make a lot of money as it is a stable market.


Lego toys never get old, therefore it can be a sustainable source of income. Also, you will be able to easily target the exact customers when it comes to marketing.


We all know that getting your offer in front of the right target audience is essential for success in business. Therefore, if you’re planning on promoting Lego, you will have an easy time targeting the people who will actually buy it.



Best Lego Dropshipping Suppliers


Now that you know what advantages there are if you decide to dropship Lego toys, it’s time to take a look at what the best suppliers are.(5)


There are a ton of tools that help you find the best dropshipping suppliers out there. The one I use is SaleHoo, which I highly recommend you give it a try.


Other than that, these are the best Lego suppliers that we found:




Argos is a very popular company that was founded back in 1972. They have an excelent customer support, as well as many features which you can take advantage of.


They have various Lego products in stock, ranging from Lego Harry Potter to Lego Batman and so on. You will be able to track your order at all times, so you don’t need to worry about this problem.


Also, Argos has a very good delivery system and refund policy. Once you buy multiple products from their store, you will have access to multiple coupon codes and discounts.


Argos logo

Toy Universe


Toy Universe is the most popular Australian store for kids. They have one of the biggest variety in the world when it comes to toys.


What I like about Toy Universe is that they have Lego products for all budgets. No matter how much money you want to spend, they have some kind of option for you.


Also, they don’t outsource their customer support, which is always a good thing. In my experience, I had to deal with a ton of bad suppliers who outsource their CS to India or Pakistan.


As you can imagine, you can’t really communicate that well considering the fact that the person you are speaking doesn’t really know much about the products or even the company.


Therefore, having their own customer support, Toy Universe gets a big plus. Believe me, it matters.


toy universe logo


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Speaking of India, Flipkart is the biggest online marketplace in India. Think about it as an Indian version of Amazon.


That being said, they have a large variety of Lego toys, ranging from Star Wars to Marvel and whatever else you can think of. Also, they usually have a ton of discounts up to more than 50%!


They have an amazing service which is called Flipkart Plus, which allows you to free delivery and even more discounts. Also, you will be able to cut the line in customer support, which is always good when you’re running a dropshipping business.


You can get all of these feature for under $5. When it comes to value for money, it’s very hard to beat Flipkart.


flipkart logolego flipkart ecommerce


The Brick Bank


The Brick Bank is probably one of the best options on this list when it comes to wholesale Lego products. It is an American company founded back in 2014.


It is relatively new, but it’s one of the most reliable supplier of Lego dropshipping product in the world. Their prices are very good, considering the fact that you will buy it in bulk, and their customer service is responsive.


They’re currently shipping more than 500 kg of Lego products per month. The best part about it is that you can ship it anywhere in the world, so you don’t need to worry so much about targeting in your ads.


When it comes to Lego products specifically, The Brick Bank is one of the leading suppliers in the world.


The Brick Bank logo


Harrison Direct


Harrison Direct is one of the most famous suppliers in the United Kingdom. The company was established more than a century ago, so you know that they are trustworthy.


Their products range from toys to health care products and make-up kits. In terms of Lego toys, they have a variety of different options. The most popular ones are obviously Avengers and Star Wars, but you can find almost anything.


They can deliver your products in the same day, which means you can focus on other parts of your business right after you place your order.


They also have a variety of coupon codes that you can use in order to pay less. Also, if you order multiple times from them, you will get even more discounts in the future.


If you’re planning to dropship Lego products inside the UK, Harrison Direct is one of the best options out there.


Harrisons Direct logo


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Hobby Warehouse


Hobby Warehouse is another Australian company that have a variety of products on the market. Not only that they are one of the best Australian toy supplier, but they have anything else you can think of on their website.


The best part about Hobby Warehouse is the fact that they have very obscure Lego products that you can’t find anywhere else. Many Lego collectors order toys from them, simply because they can’t find the products anywhere else.


Therefore, you have the opportunity to get rare Lego items and sell them on your store for a good profit. There are a ton of collectors that are looking for specific products who are willing to pay good money.


This is great, as if you target those customers via Facebook ads or Google ads, you will be able to easily find them and take them to your offers.


Hobby warehouse dropshipping logo


What’s next?


Building a dropshipping business is one of the best things you can do online. You have the opportunity to build a powerful brand that will live for a long time.


The best part about it is that once you build it up to a certain point, you will need to work less and less and spend time with your family. Or, if you’re like me, build another business for fun.


Ecommerce is clearly on an upward trend. Now, after the pandemic, people saw how fragile their businesses really are. Meaning that in order to adapt, you need to build an online business.


Amazon became the biggest company on the planet, therefore we can clearly see that ecommerce is the hot thing now. In this business, it’s very important to find good suppliers.


Otherwise, you will waste energy and money. The most important thing is to get a good price and the certainty that they will handle your products in a good manner.


That’s why I suggest you try SaleHoo, as it’s the supplier directory I use for the past couple of years. You will be able to filter out the bad companies and work only with the quality ones.


Also, it’s very affordable so you can give it a try. You won’t regret it.