Netflix Affiliate Program Is DEAD! Here Are 7 (Better) Alternatives.





So, you had a brilliant idea. You thought that you can promote Netflix as an affiliate and make money.


It is really a brilliant idea. Why wouldn’t it be? Netflix is a very popular company that people trust.


Also, they have a great product. It’s always amazing when you’re helping people find products that they really love.


Back in the day, when Netflix just came out, they opened an affiliate program. It was paying $10 per referral, which was absolutely awesome considering how easy it was to promote it.


You could have just send people for a free trial, and they would eventually sign up. As you can imagine, Netflix has quite a good conversion rate.


When people were seeing the quality of the product, they didn’t think twice about getting a subscription.(1)


Unfortunately, Netflix closed down their affiliate program for obvious reasons. What are those reasons, you ask?


Well … they don’t really need you to tell people about Netflix anymore. Good reason …


BUT don’t panic! We made some research and found a couple of alternatives programs that you can promote. Some of them are even better than Netflix!


So, if you’re here to see what those programs are and how to make money with them, you’re in the right place! Let’s jump right into the alternatives.

Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives


Maybe you didn’t know this, but there are a couple of better affiliate programs than Netflix. Better in what way?


Well, they are less competitive, so you will have an easier time getting commissions. Also, their product is good. Some of them even have more movies than Netflix.


BUT keep in mind that Netflix closed their affiliate program because they got too big. “OK George, you already said that”. Yes, I did.


Because you should expect the following companies to take the same decision as Netflix and close their affiliate programs. Hulu, Netflix’s arch nemesis closed their affiliate program as well. This happened in 2019 by the way, so not too long ago.(2)


So, you should hurry up a little. No pressure, of course. But don’t expect these programs to be around forever.


With that in mind, let’s jump straight into it.



1. CBS All Access


You probably didn’t know that CBS even operated an affiliate program. Well, they do. And it’s not a bad one either.


As you can expect, they provide original content created by CBS.


You can get $9 per sale, which is nice. Also, there is a 10 day cookie period.


You can get paid once you reach $10 in commissions, which means you need to make 2 sales. That’s understandable, because they don’t want you to only refer yourself and get their streaming service for free.


You can sign up as a CBS All Access affiliate right here.


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2. Amazon Prime Video


It makes sense that the biggest company on the planet offer their own streaming service. They even have an affiliate program which you can promote.


Amazon runs their very own “Prime Video” service, which is, in my opinion, better than Netflix.


The commission is just $3. But you get it once someone you refer signs up for a 30 day FREE trial. Even in the case they don’t sign up for a paid plan, you still get the $3.


So, it’s very easy to promote.


Also, who doesn’t know Amazon? You will not need to do much convincing to get people to sign up for a 100% free trial.


In order to start promoting Prime Video, you need to sign up for Amazon Associates. You can do that here.




3. Sling TV


A less known streaming service, Sling TV offers quite a variety of channels. Users can watch ESPN, AMC and other such programs.


That’s pretty cool if you target an audience that likes watching sports. That’s actually pretty to do with Facebook ads (more on that later)


Sling TV users can also watch programs in more than 15 languages. Again you can target foreign language speakers with Facebook ads.


Also, the commissions can go as high as $20 per referral. The cookie duration is 30 days, which is always nice.


You should consider this one. It’s very interesting.


You can sign up as a Sling affiliate right here.


4. ESPN+


Speaking of ESPN, they also have an affiliate program. It’s perfect for people who watch sports and quite easy to promote.


The commission rates varies, but I understand they are pretty good. What’s also good is that the cookie duration is 21 days.


Also, you can get paid via PayPal which is always a good option.


They host their affiliate program on the Impact network. You can sign up right here.


5. Fubo TV


Fugo is a sports streaming service, which I use myself. It’s quite good if you’re into sports.


The best thing about their affiliate program is that they pay up to $30 per referral, depending on which program your audience chooses.


The cookie duration is 30 days and you also get paid with PayPal. Very interesting option if you have a sports focused website or run ads to people who love sports.


You can sign up for the Fubo TV affiliate program right here.


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6. Apple TV+


The most popular gadget company on the planet has its own streaming service. What a surprise, huh?


Apple runs quite a unique affiliate program. Meaning that their commission structure is kinda … unique.


They pay 300% commission rates. Also, the cookie period is 30 days.


Unfortunately they don’t pay via PayPal, so the only option to get paid is by bank transfer. Which is not optimal but not a big problem too.


Apple offers its users movies, songs, albums, apps and A TON of other stuff. Their affiliate program is interesting, to say the least.


As you can imagine, it’s easy to recommend Apple to anyone. You can sign up as an Apple affiliate here.


7. AT&T TV


A very popular company, AT&T hosts its affiliate program on the Commission Junction network.


They offer a variety of TV programs from the U.S. Also, the affiliate program is quite good.


The commission rates is $50 per referral! That’s really cool because it allows you to break even very quickly on your ads.


The cookie duration is 30 days and you can get paid once you make 1 sale. That’s quite amazing to be honest.


You can sign up for the AT&T affiliate program right here.




Final Thoughts


Well, there you have it: 7 better alternatives to the Netflix affiliate program. Making money with affiliate marketing is absolutely awesome.


Some of these programs allow you to break even very fast on your ads. Which is the best way to do affiliate marketing.


If you want to learn how to run profitable ads to these affiliate programs, or any other affiliate programs I suggest investing in Super Affiliate System Pro.  You will learn how to run any kind of ad you can think of.


Don’t give up and work your ass off! that’s the shortcut to success in any business.