ODi Productions: Affiliate Marketing Courses Review (Are Affiliate Marketing Champ & Passive Income Lifestyle Complete Scams?)



My best guess is that you searched “affiliate marketing” on YouTube and you ran across this guru with a Lamborghini. You’re might be thinking to yourself: “wow! I would like to have a Lamborghini as well. I wonder if I should buy this guy’s course”.


Well, if you’re looking for an honest review of my experience with Odi’s courses, as well as what I truly think about him, then you’re in the right place!


In this article, we will go over who is Odi, what courses does he have, how good they are and if I recommend them to you. Stay tuned!

Who Is ODi Productions?


Odi is a YouTuber and a serial affiliate marketing course creator. His channel has 280.000 subscribers (at the time of writing this).


If you watch any of his videos until the end, you will quickly realize that they are meant to provide as little value as possible in order to convince you to buy his latest course.(1)


If you sort his videos by “oldest”, you will see that his channel was originally created to promote his blog, recordingnow.com. He soon realized that he can make much more money by teaching others about affiliate marketing. Kinda like Keala Kanae.


Unlike Keala, I feel that ODi does make some money with affiliate marketing. Mainly through his blog and the links in the description of his videos.


However, it is now clear that he makes most of his money by producing course after course. You will soon see what I mean.


The Style Of ODi Productions


Odi claims that his “niche” is affiliate marketing. As a side note, whenever you hear someone say that, you should keep in mind that he might by trying to sell you something of low quality.


At least this was my experience. And I’ve been scammed many times by people who claim their “niche” is affiliate marketing.


Odi’s courses are heavily promoted by a lot of affiliates. Why?


Because he has a great affiliate program. He pays really high commissions to whoever manages to sell his courses.


That’s not a problem if the course is good quality. For example, John Crestani does that on his channel too. His course is, however, a good one.


Odi’s courses teach you mainly how to use YouTube as a traffic source. You don’t need to get discouraged if you don’t like taking videos of yourself.


There are many more traffic sources that you can use. For example, you can start an affiliate blog or run Facebook ads. Both of these methods can be more profitable than YouTube, in my opinion.


Anyway, as mentioned above, Odi’s courses focus more on YouTube. Also, they are very expensive.(2)



Affiliate Marketing Champ


Affiliate Marketing Champ is Odi’s first ever course. It is now closed for enrollment and will likely stay like this.


There was not much content in this course. It contained 10 modules, each of them with only 1 video averaging about 20 minutes. So … approximately 3 hours of content.


The price of this course was $997. I’ve purchased this course long time ago but it didn’t deserve a separate article on this blog. It was just too basic.


Odi teaches you how to start a WordPress affiliate blog. He doesn’t go into much detail on how to structure your content, how to do keyword research, how to get backlinks, how to do on page SEO, or any other important aspect of an affiliate blog.(3)


By the way, Odi doesn’t offer any refunds. That’s understandable … if he did, then everyone would ask for a refund.


If you ask me, this course was more like a free Udemy course or a free guide. Very basic and low quality.


The real value of this course was at most $97. And that would have been a stretch.


You can probably find most of the information that was in Affiliate Marketing Champ on this blog. For free.




Passive Income Lifestyle


Passive Income Lifestyle is Odi’s second course. It’s kinda like a better version of Affiliate Marketing Champ.


Also, the price is higher. Odi sells this course for $2500. There are weekly webinars, to do checklists and so on.


It’s everything you need in order to start an affiliate marketing business. As mentioned above, it’s a better version of the first course.(4)


The question is: Do I suggest you go ahead and pay $2500 for this course? If you know me or have read other articles on my blog, you probably know the answer.


For those of you who are here for the first time, welcome and thank you! Now, let’s answer the question: HELL NO! $2500? Are you insane?


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Affiliate Evolution


As you can probably guess, Affiliate Evolution is Odi’s latest course. It’s a much better version of the first one.


Also, the price is $997. This is probably Odi’s best course. He teaches you step by step on how to build an affiliate business with paid ads.


This is not a bad course. However, it’s not the best if you want to get started with paid ads.


Odi aims to help you start an affiliate business in 4 weeks. Which is definitely possible with paid ads.


As mentioned in many other articles, you need to have the right mindset. Don’t expect to make millions of dollars in 4 weeks.


Online business is not as easy as gurus like Odi make it seem. It’s a lot of hard work in the beginning.(5)


Anyway, if you are a big fan of Odi Productions and you feel that this course will help you reach your goals, then go ahead and buy it.


However, I don’t recommend it. But if you do, make sure you have at least an extra 1k for paid ads.


Are ODi Productions Product Recommended?


Odi’s YouTube channel clearly caters to beginners. For more advanced marketers, it can be quite entertaining to see his nice cars and listen to his music.


Also, he does a good job at motivating you to start a business. After going through his courses, I can say with 100% certainty that his courses are not the best.


They mostly contain vague business advice and don’t really teach you much about building a sustainable income with affiliate marketing. You need to keep in mind that you’re competing against guys like me that are doing this for a very long time.


It’s like getting in the ring with an experienced boxer after you took 1 week of boxing classes. It just doesn’t work like that. There is no secret.


Also, another thing that I don’t like about ODi is that he markets his course by telling you he offers “lifetime access”. And he does.(6)


The thing is that after a couple of months, he creates another expensive course in stead of updating the old one.


So … it kinda feels that he forces you to buy the next one and the next one forever.


On the other hand, John Crestani updates his course regularly and doesn’t make you give him another $997 every 6 months.


Also, his course goes into much more detail in regards to paid ads. Also, he does offer refunds.


I suggest you take a look at Super Affiliate System. You will not be disappointed.