Shopify Affiliate Program: Can You Make Money by Promoting this Ecommerce & Dropshipping Platform?

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Were you looking for ways to make money online and you stumbled upon the Shopify affiliate program?


My guess is you’re not whether or not you should go ahead and promote it. Shopify has been around for a couple of years and they have already built a certain level of trust.


But it their affiliate program worth promoting? What commissions can you expect to get?


If you want to find out the answer to any of these questions, you’re in the right place! By the end of this article, you will know exactly how good the Shopify affiliate program is, as well as how to get the most out of it.

What is Shopify?


Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows its users to create online shops, manage payments and so on. Also, it provides web hosting so you don’t need to get it from a third party provider.


Most people like Shopify because the layout is easy to understand, it has a ton of integrations and it’s not very expensive.


Ecommerce has significantly grown in the past couple of years and will most likely continue to do so for a long time. Nowadays, people prefer to buy products from the comfort of their own home as opposed to fighting traffic.(1)


Considering the popularity of ecommerce, promoting Shopify might seem like a good idea.


Shopify Affiliate Program


Shopify hosts its own affiliate program, so you don’t have to sign up for a third party network like Commission Junction or Clickbank.


Keep in mind that not everyone gets accepted in the Shopify affiliate program. They recently changed their terms and conditions to only allow people who have their own website.


For that matter, I highly recommend checking out Affiliate Bots, as it teaches you how to build a website as fast and effective as possible.


After you apply, you will need to wait 5 days in order for them to give you a response.


You can sign up for the program by clicking right here.


After your application is approved, you can find your affiliate links and start driving traffic. As you can imagine, the affiliate link is for the Shopify 14 day free trial.


If your referal decides to pay for shopify after the trial ends, you will receive a commission. Also, the cookie duration is 30 days, which means you don’t need to make the sale right away.


I always like it when affiliate programs give you a 30 day cookie period. If you’re an experienced marketer, you can really get a lot out of it.



Shopify Affiliate Program Commissions


Now that we got all the boring stuff out of the way, it’s time to take a look at what you really care about.


A couple of years ago, Shopify was paying the affiliates a percentage of the sale every month. Meaning that if you refer one of your friends to Shopify and they renew their subscription every month, you will get paid every month.


Unfortunately that’s not the case anymore. They have recently changed their commission structure to a 2 time payment plan.(2)


Before you get upset, please know that the commissions are really not that bad. You get “200%” commissions, meaning that you receive the entire amount that your referal pays for Shopify.



Obviously, if they don’t pay their subscription for the second month, you will also not get paid anymore.


  • Basic Shopify Plan: $29/month (you get paid $58)
  • Shopify Plan: $79/month (you get paid $158)
  • Advanced Shopify Plan: $299/month (you get paid $598)


As you can see, the commissions are very good. Keep in mind that Shopify only pays via PayPal. Unfortunately there is no way to get paid with Stripe.


 affiliate program commissions


Can You Make $1000 Per Month With The Shopify Affiliate Program?


Shopify has a pretty good affiliate program with which you can make good money.


In order to make $1000 per month, you would need to get 18 people to sign up. 18 people is honestly not that much considering the popularity of dropshipping.


Nowadays there are a ton of people that can benefit from a platform like Shopify. That being said, making $1000 is completely achievable.


So … how do you do that? Well, there are a ton of ways to promote SHopify as an affiliate.


If you’re planning to promote it with free traffic, keep in mind this usually takes a long time to build up. That’s because if you have a new website or YouTube channel, Google will need some time to trust you.(3)


If you feel comfortable on camera, you can start making YouTube videos around Shopify. For example, “Shopify vs Squarespace” or “Best Shopify Integrations”. There are a lot of topics you can tackle with a bit of creativity.


If you don’t feel comfortable on camera and prefer to write articles, I suggest checking out Affiliate Bots. It’s very affordable and it will teach you how to create a website as fast as possible.


After that, you should start pumping out articles. The good thing is that there are a ton of keywords related to Shopify and Ecommerce, so you will never run out of ideas.


Try finding what people are searching and offer valuable answers. It should’t be “valuable” in the sense that nobody has ever seen before. Just do your best to answer the question and you will be fine.


affiliate commissions


On the other hand, if you don’t want to produce a lot of content and wait months before you see results, your only option is to pay for traffic. This is actually much better, as it allows you to scale your business faster.


Paid ads are great because you don’t need to wait before you see if something is working or not. Also, once you get good at one traffic source, you will need to work less and less.


For example, I never spend more than 2 hours in the morning checking my Facebook ads. It goes to show you the power of paid advertising.


You basically have to get good at either Google ads, YouTube ads or Facebook ads. If you think about it, these companies know more about you than your own parents do.


They track your every move on the internet, therefore they are very good at targeting the right audience for a specific product.


You shouldn’y start with multiple traffic sources at once because you will get overwhelmed. If I were you, I would pick 1 traffic source, get good at it and then start with another one.


That’s why I highly suggest checking out SAS. If you have the budget, it’s definitely worth it. You will learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing with paid advertising.


Final Thoughts


Ecommerce is continuously growing and that’s why promoting Shopify is a very good idea at the moment.


The commissions are good, the cookie period is long enough and the product you’re recommending is decent. No matter how you choose to promote it, Shopify definitely has a good affiliate program.


The problem is that if you decide to promote it with free traffic (a YouTube channel or a website), you will need to compete against more established channels or websites.


For that matter, if you have the budget, I suggest you promote it with paid advertising.



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