Simple Wifi Profits Review (2021) – Just Another Scam?

Simple Wifi Profits Review


It’s quite rare that you see a course with such a scammy name like Simple Wifi Profits. This gets even more suspicious when you see another 2 teenagers who claim to be millionaires.


To be honest, I saw this as a red flag, so I did what I usually do in this situation, meaning that I went ahead and bought it so that I can share my opinion with you guys.


If you want to know if this course is the right choice for you, then you’re in the right place!


In this Simple Wifi Profits review, I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know in order to decide for yourself if this program is worth investing in. There will be some interesting aspects, which I would advise you to pay attention to and read until the end.


Who Created Simple Wifi Profits?


Chris Eom, a Korean immigrant and Andrew Wright, a college dropout are the creators of this course. They recently gained popularity in the affiliate marketing industry because they became millionaires in a short period of time ( like most gurus ).


They provide their students with group coaching, as well as weekly coaching calls. Which is very useful if you ask me.


If you are a beginner, you will find these calls highly useful.


What is Simple Wifi Profits?


Well, in a nutshell it’s a program that teaches you how to promote products in the “health” niche by using paid traffic. It’s really nothing out of the ordinary and this has been done before by many gurus.


BUT the way that they teach you to structure your ads in order to get traffic to your offers is kinda new. Well at least I haven’t seen it before. I can say that I liked it.


There is also a downside to the method that they teach, which I will reveal later.


Simple Wifi Profits Review


As I said in the beginning, I decided to purchase this course because it seemed very scammy and I wanted to share my opinion with you guys.


The second reason why I made this decision was that i saw many other respectable reviewers give it a thumbs up, and I wanted to see if they are lying.


Let’s have a look at what’s inside of the course:




Chris and Andrew start the course by reassuring you that you made the right decision by offering you a very cool bonus pack.


Simple Wifi Profits Bonus


Also, they tell you about the Facebook group, which I will highly recommend you to join. I can say that I liked the first few videos.


1st Chapter: The World Of Affiliate Marketing


They start the course by outlining the key differences between affiliate marketing and other online business opportunities. I 100% agree with them when saying that affiliate marketing is THE BEST business model and will likely be for many years to come.


If you are a beginner, you will like hearing the pros and cons of affiliate marketing based on Chris and Andrew’s experience.


Also, they will introduce you to Clickbankan affiliate marketplace that you are probably already familiar with.


They will recommend you to promote products in one particular field of the health niche, which we will talk about a bit later.

2nd Chapter: A Museum of a Million Dollar Success


Simple Wifi Profits Review


As you probably guessed (duh), they will tell you to promote products in the weight loss niche. Which is … good.


Weight Loss is a so called evergreen niche, meaning that there will always be people that will want to lose weight, as well as willing to spend money on it.


This is the method that they used to become millionaires. They promoted weight loss products via paid ads.


I was also successful in the past in the weight loss niche. The difference is that I used different methods to drive traffic to my offers.


Chris and Andrew will introduce you to a 4 step system which is pretty straightforward:



  • Find a big problem that needs solving online. 


  • Find a product: a solution to the problem.


  • Share the product via affiliate marketing.


  • Make sales and money.


Such a complicated system, right? 🙂


They will teach you how to use Facebook ads in order to get customers to your funnels


You will have access to all the landing pages needed inside the course.


3rd Chapter: The Invincible Bridge To Profit


Chris and Andrew start this chapter by telling you to to use Clickfunnels in order to set up your landing pages.


I like Clickfunnels because you can easily tell if your funnel is working or not. You will be able to see your conversion rate, therefore you will know if you need to change something in the funnel.


If your funnel is not working, you will be able to insert additional files in the landing page (from inside the course).


I really like this method because you are able to make money quickly, compared to something like SEO.


4th Chapter: Build Your Empire


Simple Wifi Profits Review


In this chapter, they will teach you how to build your actual Facebook adsI told you in the beginning that this method is kinda unique and that I haven’t seen it before.


The uniqueness consists in the way the ad is created. It’s based on providing VALUEwhich quite frankly I haven’t seen anywhere else in my 6 years of online marketing. I really like this method and I will continue to use it in the future.


Again, everything you will need to know is thaught inside the course. You will not have any problems in making it work if you follow what they tell you.


5th Chapter: The Invictus SWP Empire Begins


Simple Wifi Profits Review


Here, Chris and Andrew get a bit more technical (don’t worry, it’s not very complicated). They will show you how to split test your ads in order to maximize the conversion rates.


There were some things here that I didn’t know. I really liked the texts and images that they provided.

6th Chapter: The Secrets Of Scaling To Mars


This is where the fun begins! I tried these methods and they really work.


I am always curious when I see scaling strategies inside affiliate marketing courses. Sometimes they are just filler in order to make the course longer.


They will teach you how to start your campaigns with like $5-$10 and keep adding more everyday.


So, you will be taught how to properly reinvest your profits in order to accelerate the growth of your business.


I saw some people in the group making over $35.000/day. This was my favorite module from this course.


Simple Wifi Profits Review


7th Chapter: Super Affiliate Hacks


This is where you receive your bonusesIn my opinion, they were one of the best bonuses i saw in a course.


Some of them teach you how to improve conversion rates, others how to scale quickly and efficiently.


Also, the support is very good. I liked it.


Simple Wifi Profits Bonus


Simple Wifi Profits Pros


  • Very effective methods
  • You can get very quick results
  • Chris and Andrew are easy to understand
  • Easy for beginners
  • It just works


Simple Wifi Profits Cons


  • It works best only with weight loss products
  • Only Facebook ads are thaught


Simple Wifi Profits Review


Is Simple Wifi Profits A Scam?


While the name sounds scammy, Simple Wifi Profits is 100% NOT a scam.


BUT unfortunately they don’t tell you some things before you buy it. For example, this method works very well with weight loss products.


If you try to promote other products from other niches, you might not be as profitable. If you are experienced, sure, you will not have problems with that.


But if you are a beginner, you should stick to weight loss products. So keep that in mind.




I liked this course. I think it’s the best for promoting weight loss products via Facebook ads.


If you are fine with that niche, then go ahead and get the course. I personally like that niche and had a lot of success in it.


As i said before, this is the best course for promoting weight loss products with FB ads.