Udemy Affiliate Program: Can You Make Money By Promoting Online Education?



The Udemy affiliate program has already been around for a couple of years. The thing is that not so many people know about it.


And the ones who do, don’t know whether or not it’s even worth promoting. Online education has seen a significant growth over the past couple of years.


That’s because a lot of people realized they don’t need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to go to college. Therefore, they prefer to pay less for their education and get similar information.(1)


Udemy has thousands of courses in a ton of different categories. Meaning that there is a ton of opportunity for people like you and me who want to make money by promoting them.


The best thing about it is that you can approach it in a lot of ways because of the variety of niches you can tackle. So, if you’re here to find out if the Udemy affiliate program is worth promoting, you’re in the right place! By the end of this article, you will know exactly if you should start promoting courses on Udemy, as well as how to do it effectively.

Udemy Affiliate Program


The Udemy affiliate program is hosted on the Rakuten network. Therefore you will need to create an account on Rakuten if you want to join the program.


This is great, as Rakuten has a ton of other affiliate programs hosted on the platform. You will be surprised to see how many good ideas come to your mind when you look over what other programs you can promote.


In order to join the Udemy affiliate program you can click on this link. You will then be transferred over to the Rakuten network to create your account.


Keep in mind you will need to wait a couple of days before Udemy will approve your application. Don’t worry about not being accepted, as it’s in their interest to accept everyone.

Udemy Affiliate Program: Commission Structure


Once you get accepted for the affiliate program, you will notice there is no information regarding the commission structure. After all, this is all what you care about, right?


It makes no sense to start promoting an affiliate program without knowing exactly how much money you can make. So … how much do you get paid?


Well, it’s 15% out of every sale. While it might not seem that bad, keep in mind that most courses on Udemy cost less than $20.


Not only that, but the cookie period is only 1 week. Most affiliate programs have a 30 or even 60 day cookie period, meaning that if you wouldn’t make the sale right away, you would still have a chance to get a commission if your referral comes back and buys the product.(2)


In Udemy’s case, you only have 1 week to do that which is not ideal. However, they do have a ton of materials that can help you promote the affiliate program.


Can You Make $100 Per Day With This Program?


So, is it really possible to make $100 per day by promoting courses from Udemy? And if not, what can you do in order to reach this level?


First of all, keep in mind that the majority of the courses on Udemy are about $20. Meaning that you would get around $3 per sale.


So, you will need to make 33 sales per day in order to reach that $100 level.


You can only be profitable if you do that with free traffic. For that matter, I highly suggest checking out Affiliate Bots, as it will teach you how to effectively set up a website and get traffic as soon as possible.


In order to get those 33 sales per day, you will need to consistently produce content and it will take some time for the traffic to show up. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to start making money right away.


If you want fast results, you will need to do it with paid traffic. However, considering that the Udemy affiliate program pays low commissions, that isn’t really a viable option.(3)


That’s because it would be very hard to break even. Also, don’t forget about the 1 week cookie period. If you run paid traffic, you will be pressured to make that sale right away.


So, building a blog would be a much better option when it comes to promoting the Udemy affiliate program. However, don’t forget you would need to consistently produce content and wait for Google to rank you.


Udemy Affiliate Program: Alternatives


So…should you join the Udemy affiliate program? And if not, what other options are there?


Well, if you’re willing to start your own website, write articles and wait, then you should join the program. Also, keep in mind you will also be able to promote other programs/products on your website.


So, if you want to do that, I suggest checking out Affiliate Bots in order to make this process much faster.


On the other hand, if you want faster results and bigger commissions, the Udemy affiliate program is definitely not the best option. So…what else can you do?


Well, you can promote more expensive digital products that pay 30%-50% commissions. You do that with paid traffic via Facebook ads, Google ads or any other type of ads.


These platforms are great because they allow you to target the right type of customer. If you think about it, Facebook and Google know more about you than your own parents because they track your every move.(4)


Once you get good at a paid traffic source, you will need to work less and less. For example, I’m checking my ads once per day for about 1 hour and that’s it.


Also, this is a skill that will stay with you for your entire life. Having the ability to make money is much more important than money itself.


That’s why I highly suggest getting the Super Affiliate System. If you have a budget of $2-$2.5 thousand, it’s definitely worth it.


That’s because it will teach you everything you know about building an affiliate business with paid ads. And that’s a very profitable to skill to have in the age of technology.



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